La vie nue

These photographs  are  from “La vie nue”, a film photographic journal held between 2009 and 2019.

« La vie nue is like an intimate diary, entirely subject to the vagaries of natural light. Light that dresses or lays bare: light as the intimate linen of the world, radiating soft spirituality in the real world. It’s a photograph of the moment: There is no hierarchy among the subjects, but in each one, the same silent invitation to suspend time in one place. Fragile miracles of the everyday, epiphanies of the sacred that emerge from that which is most commonplace. In the absence of artifacts, from simplicity erupts astonishment in the elegance of what is real. The eye’s surprise when, from almost nothing, beauty comes to consciousness. When chance light brings that emotion that colors life. When the conjunction of truth and form attempt to reduce the infinite pleasure of being moved to its very essence. »

Jean-Paul Chavent, 2015

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